Art Work Using Adobe Photo Shop

My Oddyssey Flower aka Cannabis Bud

I use to marvel at some of the art work, that one can pull up online. I was amazed at technique, design, and accuracy. This was all until I discovered, I had that ability on my own computer.

These are my playful approaches to some of my own photographs.

My Forest

My Forest Again

Looking Up Through The Trees

My Thistle

Dark Rendering Of Mushroom Tops

Mushroom Tops Again


Out of ideas, to work with? Take a walk. I am fortunate for this time period in my life, to live on one of the most beautiful areas in the world. Since I have had the advantage to live in all types of terrain, this can create a world of ideas. No Supplies? I work with what I have and often it is in the front yard. Shapes, designs, colors, images, come from the world around you. If you take the time to look…really look, you will be amazed what you will see. Squint to get another approach. Use your mind.

Everything one does in life is a reflection of what is inside that person. If you live surrounded by people who look away, those people are fools and you need to look past them. I do this all the time. Very few comment or even know what I am capable of doing, because in their rush rush, day to day…they are blind.

More Mushrooms

Jeni Pooh

Kitty One

Kitty Two

Koi (I think) Pond

Oddyssey Cannabis Bud aka Flower

Devin's Chimes


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Breezy Kiefiar
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 00:21:14

    beautiful work love… you did an awesome job… you should also consider using google’s picasa…. it’s free and easy to use ;0)


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