Journals as an Art Form and Release

I am going to be updating this site, both removing some of the photos and adding new photos.  While my computer knowledge is better than a beginner, I am still attempting to figure some of this out.  My newer sites include a page for: Jack the Wonder Mountain Dog and Post Cards from Hell and Other Destinations. I also have the ability to take better photographs and these seem a bit lazy.

The newest site, not yet up, is a journal with both positive and negative.

If you have stopped by, please let me know. It somehow boosts the self-esteem, knowing that someone other than me was here…:-) I know a few of you have told me and I want to let you know, that is a great gift, just knowing that you might have been curious or interested. Life is short and holds few gifts (at some of the points in time)  and as I stress repeatedly, the time you give another, whether it is 5 minutes, hours, days or more, is valuable.

As a humorous note…Spell check said ‘no writing errors’, however I had spelled the word ‘great’…’gret’…I know I am older, however spelling has not changed that much, has it?


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  1. Rose (from Listia)
    Mar 11, 2013 @ 20:15:36

    Super place to visit….must come back first thing when there’s more time to
    carefully take it all in…the bags I’ve seen are wonderfully done..the colors
    the beadwork, the precision…be back very soon..


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