General Update on Photos, Just Posted and More

So, I have been using ‘Word Press’, for a long time and it shows, since I have about 6 other titled sites on here. For some silly reason, my ability to get around on this site is driving me nuts. I know computers and more, but I cannot figure out how to add text to the photos page, that I just added.

All the purses, bags, totes that I create are from my own mind and the mountains around me. All bags run at about $60.00 on up, however I have been known to negotiate a lower fee out of the kindness of my heart and lack of any possible funds.

The series, ‘Enchanted Forest’, was created from a whole lot of shirts and dresses that I loved the fabric on and just bought at CVS Pharmacy, trusting in the size being mine, however it was always not with a few exceptions, so I cut them up and used all different parts for the bags and still would love to make more.

It is summer up here and the garden is important, so sewing is not always the first objective in my day.

I am hoping others will view this and find something they like or offer up a fresh new idea, they want me to create. I also am applying for any form of job, that allows me to use my beloved Pfaff….and now, it is time for me to play with Jack the Wonder Mountain Dog…love of my life….!

Thanks for taking a peek at the updates…..


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