I live in a beautiful area, where I can hike, walk about and gather my thoughts, creative energy and design concepts freely.
My workshop, however, has no windows and thus, my inspiration needs to come from nature, hard objects, balance in concept and my windows, in my own mind.

When I started out with the weaving process, wrapping the stones, I did admire a few individuals’ work and marveled at the beauty in a completed project, however that was diminished by an attitude that prevailed in some individuals’ minds, that they were the only one who had license to create in a specific manner.

I use to love to purchase a piece from those whose work appealed to me, however that too was diminished by an attitude and I stopped buying anything but supplies.

I stopped being involved in groups that promoted wire weaving and learning and I stopped looking at almost anyone’s work. I had to feel free to know, that my ideas are mine and while they may look similar to something, someone else does, it simply means, we have the same idea at the same time and nothing more.

The wire weaving world can be brutal and harsh as the I, me, mine of egos entertwine and competitive selfishness possesses many. As far, as I am concerned, if I create something that someone else wants to create, go for it. Do what you love and I could care less, if someone creates a similar piece to mine, because the love that exists in the creative process, is all that matters.

Inspiration and mentors are not there to push me forward because of the initial experience I had with an individual. I love the positive energy, that many creative individuals possess and the accusatory negative side, is one that I choose to walk away from.

I would much rather help people, move forward with their desires to create wire woven work and be a positive mentor.

As far as work that I personally admire, that would be work created by individuals, who may not do perfect work or maybe they do, but they have real heart and soul and do not play with people for amusement.


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