You Reap What You Sow


I have developed some wonderful friendships and connections in the world of Wire Weaving. In doing this, I have had to weed out the genuine vs. phony.

For the most part, the creative artisans that I have exchanged long chats with or shared information, from artistic to personal, have been completely awesome. Then again, there are the random few, that feel they are entitled to an air of aristocracy. I am not talking about the, current century, originals in the medium, who established themselves, long ago, I am referring to relatively new individuals, who find it appropriate to place demands on everyone who sees their work or is a newbie, developing skills in the medium. I am referring to the kind of people who seek to intimidate, with shady back street methods on private messaging and snide comments in public. I believe, that everyone has met one of those along the creative path.

The irony of back stabbing gossip, is that it only remains hidden for a short time period and eventually floats to the top, exposed for many to hear or read. I will freely admit, that I was an individual who did express opinions, in trust, about other’s work in private, however I stopped because it did not feel right to be so judgemental unless the work was really horrid, then I expressed the SMH opinion and moved on. I realized that everyone has a right to create, that which makes their life shine a bit brighter, occupies the mind and time and keeps the individual moving forward in life, positively. I am not perfect or a saint and I have made my own mistakes, however I actually learned from them and while my trust in a few is completely broken, I will not let that person or those people destroy my own ability to shine.

Have we really evolved this far as a species, that we cannot just appreciate artistic talents, our decent customers and the excitement of those who wish to create with some of the same techniques ? Not everyone looks at everyone else’s work with the desire to be that person or create that piece of work, they admired.

Is it necessary to play games and display bitterness and disdain for those just as talented and on the path to continually learning new skills in wire work? Is it necessary to place demands on others and play the accusations game?

There are times, I am reminded of the movie, The Exorcist, where Linda Blair’s head spins round and the demonic forces emerge in a rage. The scizophrenic artist becomes that demonic force, fueled by their own self-imposed sense of entitlement and greed. The I, Me, Mine of the artist takes the beautiful work into another realm, where the ugliness of the artist or artisan is exposed and thus the pieces are no longer as beautiful. The pieces become unwearable and a detachment is born. I personally remove such item/s from my home, if I have ever purchased them. Beautiful work deserves, beautiful memories and those can be destroyed by the artist and the actions of that artist or they can live on from a positive individual’s light.
Is this really necessary? Do people need to exhibit selfishness and ugliness in their ownership of an idea, so much that they destroy the ability of others’ to see the beauty that was once so prevalent?

We develop these friendships, among our artistic communities, sometimes, with an adrenalin rush of excitement, because we share like minded thoughts, concepts or life styles. We share passions to create and develop our talents. We share time. No one enters a friendship completely in a protective shroud. While it may take time to open up to anyone, we gradually begin to do so, in trust and joy. Unfortunately, that joy can be shattered and that friendship becomes a pocket of time that was wasted and thus the friendship is buried, sometimes with remorse, sometimes with joy. When the latter happens, hence the little private messaging begins and alliances are formed. For some of us, we move on, while the insecure yet self-serving, develop a plan of attack using others and playing the woe is me card. I have seen it happen and as the individual who does this, once again alienates yet another “friend”, the messages are passed around and it is pathetic. Just stop! Stop wasting time trying to take down another and do something positive instead. When someone thinks their idiotic actions will benefit, Karma steps in and takes control.

Well, this particular artist (me) has been around a long time and worked in many mediums and excelled at some and had to put others away. My abilities are growing as I learn, every single day. My customer base is growing and my light is shining. I am not doing perfect work, but I am doing handmade and that distinction allows for imperfections. I am not capable of everything, YET..and I may never be. I look at a piece and see the errors, while most everyone else just sees how much work it is and the beauty. I have very little time to cruise other people’s pages and yet, thanks to others, I know who is cruising mine. I intend to keep moving forward, to continue to be as positive to my friends and customers as I can be. Once in a great while, I have experienced a customer, that was unreasonable and had to be blocked, however for the most part, I have great customers that appreciate me.

I am grateful for those wonderful friendships and the plain fact that I am not part of a flock of sheep, following the bitter words of a troubled soul..on Facebook…Transparency allows those of us, who have been played to see the clear truth. Be who you really want to be and do what you love!!!


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