Integrity and the ME, ME, ME, Look at Me Individual


We all love attention at one point or another in our lifetime, unless you possess sociopathic tendencies.

I have read and hear the words, over and over from a large number of individuals: I do not like people. I do not trust people. I tend to keep to myself, to stay away from people. I have said those words myself. My all time favorite line, was this one sent to me by someone filled with scorn: I will no longer SHARE anything about my work with anyone.

This may well be a valid personality trait of many, however many of those who speak or write those words, seek constant reaffirming attention on the internet. They share the work, because they need the affirmation, that they exist. (I share my work as well, with some of these reasons, however it is for me, pure joy and not angst, filled with greed. I am not worried about anyone copying what I do. I welcome copies. I just move on to the next design. )
The affirmation extends to the, look at me, in my new selfie, look at my work, praise me, love me, share me, like my page, like me. An audience is of course, gained with all this constant babble and relationships are formed, however many of the relationships are not real, it is simply a moment in time. Of course we all love praise and customers are also born out of the sharing.

Seriously, some of these people are decent while others are nothing more than a bad rash, that will go away eventually..

When you apply this to art or craft, it is hard to find the line that separates, need and desire with inner peace and joy. More often than not, these are part of the entire process, however the need and desire, should be fulfilled by the accomplishment and not encompass a paranoid wrath of activities in words, that are truly detrimental to a healthy state of being.

The jewelry maker, wrapped up in possession,  who keeps stating that the work is theirs, Mine, my design, my mind over and over, you have to wonder, how real it really is. Over justification, often reeks of dishonesty. Yea, you saw that design somewhere and think no one else saw it and you can claim it is yours because you wove it into your work, otherwise, you would just be content to share. The paranoia elicited in an artist likes this, is so blatant it defies complete explanation.

Those who are comfortable with the work they do, rarely over state anything in their descriptions or comments about their work. If they are asked about design, they are open and honest and not so wrapped up in the words: Me, Mine, and I. Integrity is often hard to come by, with an individual like this, who has not really comprehended the reality of their actions. This person may go into hiding for a bit and emerge with a new design and then claim life was so hard, I had to take a break and once again the me, me, me of personality creates an onslaught of attention.

I was told once by an individual, that they were not threatened by my work, however jealousy reared it is little green head, when my work gained more recognition or exhibited skills achieved in a months time as opposed to half a year and that same individual attempted to dictate, who could purchase my pieces. Wow….if that was not enough, a whole host of other activities, mysteriously began happening, including stalking my pages and for a very short time period and I became a stagnant pool of one too many items piling up in my stock.

As I have stated in other blogs, the funny thing about the behind the scenes, is that eventually people wake up and realize, that the gossip line is really quite deplorable. People wake up and see that this activity of belittling and slandering others, is not right. This morning alone, I had three new private messages from individuals, asking me, what is wrong with so and so. I had to say, I do not really know, we are not friends and I have no time for that person and the BS. I had to just write the simple initials, SMH and state, that person has issues and is delusional. I have only one or two people who I will spend time analyzing people with and the rest, I refuse to state much more than issues and delusional and leave it at that.

I am seeing all sorts of new and bright artisans emerging in the jewelry world and it is refreshing. Of course there are still those who are vulnerable to the rantings of a paranoid artist and will take sides and shun some, who do not deserve the animosity, but time will take its toll as minds learn to think and speak for themselves and no longer find the ME, ME, ME, individual attractive.

In a discussion with a friend, I made the observation, that some people use others, play others and spit them out at random. After saying that or writing it, it occurred to me, it is not that they lack compassion completely or, are not conscious of their own actions, they just plain lack intelligence and integrity.

Oh Karma, how I sing your tune. Time, just time, will tell and I have no fear of it, because my Karma is good as long as I stay away from the phony, self-serving ME ME ME of the art and jewelry world…


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