Artistic Passion

I started this blog days ago and yet, wondered if it really matters that much. I was frustrated with my own work and going through that once, every so often phase of, never going to be good enough.

The passion to create, is both a joy and a horror story. It is a self-inflicted addiction, that takes charge of your heart, mind and soul.
Every waking moment and sometimes sleep is filled with a never-ending, twisting and turning road of desire, to fulfill that need of seeing your idea, come to life. You hope that your hands can translate the photos in your mind, using the abilities that you know you possess. It is a life, filled with so many emotions, surrounding inner demons, as well as, spirits, who fill our life with heart-felt goals.

Design is not always an easy challenge. Some make it look easy and effortless, however, it still involves a maze of puzzle pieces, that intertwine, to reach fruition. It is a tease, a taunt, a melody, a complex or simplistic minute in time. That minute is filled with delight, frustration, elation and more adjectives than one can use to fully describe how it works.

Everyone has their own niche, method or plan, however for me, the best ideas emerge out of random moments, spent mentally and methodically or illogically, drawing a concept or form. I dwell, linger, ponder and am often consumed by a thought that I have hopes might become a reality.

We love to create, or we would not do it, however, there is also that feeling of being possessed, that driven aspect that has such a strong hold on the artistic or crafty individual. I understand that the brain produces dopamine, causing a natural high, when an individual has a satisfying sense of achievement, however there are lows as well. Whether high or low, the creative mind still moves forward.

I have quit doing this so many times, and then bounced back a hundred more. When what you do produces a sense of happiness in another individual, that makes it all worth the price of being dominated by a medium in the artistic realm of this universe.


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