Creative Adventure

Adventure begins the first minute you pick up the tools of your choice, to create. It is in your hands, from your mind and it does not matter if you use the same technique that has been passed down through the ages, eventually it evolves into what your creative mind allows it, to be.

Never let anyone undermine your abilities or make you feel either inferior or undeserving of enjoying your work.

There are those individuals in life, who seem to feel entitled to lay claim to all manner of method and unfortunately, they sometimes become a friend and then a discarded friend.

If I was not of sound mind and clearly, very aware, early on in wire weaving, I might have been shot down. I had a “friend”, cleverly try to manipulate me into thinking that I had copied her work. This all came about with the use of a standard hook design, that is not hers and has been used since the dawn of time, including leather ends and coiling. Since I was not new to using this hook or leather in jewelry, I might have fallen for her desperation and intimidating remarks, however, it was clear to me, that she was threatened by talent. While this person claimed there was no threat, I could read between the lines and having heard from many others of her actions towards them, being the same…..I just had to shake my head and say to myself, forget about this person and her disdainful antics and move on to do what I want to do regardless. This was a lesson in futility. I had valued the friendship as new and fresh and I was trusting someone who could not, nor would not ever be worthy of my trust. While I went on to wish her well, in my mind, in reality, my caring heart could care less about that person.

On another side, the individuals who were in the same circle as myself and this other person, applauded my ability and supported my talent. With no end of possibilities and no desire to change, what I want to do, I kept going. I have no desire to look at her work and no desire to copy anyone. I do what I want to do and I achieve what I want to see. I am not intimidated by the sour puss antics of others and the catty behind the scenes idiocy. I do what I want to do. I learn, I grow, I learn more and more and I achieve.

In the course of all these processes and showing what I create, without fear of judgement, I have made a few solid, not fake, friends. Some being customers and friends at the same time. I value these connections and while it is great to have sales, the friendship formed is the greatest gift above and beyond the dollar.

While I still have times of doubt, like any artistic individual, I rise and I create again. I scrap a few here and there and have no problem discarding a finished weave, cutting it off the stone, if it does not totally satisfy me, but I keep going. This is the way of the craft that forms into an artistic piece.

These blogs that I produce occasionally are my own self-imposed therapy and yes, the subjects may be redundant, however, they bring peace to my heart and soul.


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