My Creativity

I had to use the word, “My”. There was no other word in mind, however, I do not live in the my, my, mine world of some ego driven and off base individuals. Mind you, I am a bit off base in my eccentricities, however I am also a generous being, who does not hide in the shadows, waiting to strike or belittle others. How much better the world, might be, if people like that would just grow up and realize, they did not create all the concepts, they use and accuse others of using. Ahh, but then, I am a dreamer of harmony among the masses, of creativity bringing people together and not dividing them. I am also a realist, who can see through the fake escapades of a few artistic individuals, who deem it appropriate to say that, some are not artists. I have seen where that person, got her

so-called, my, me, mine ideas and they were used in her work….so be it, live in your delusions. My creativity comes from heart and soul.


There are many more, but so many hours in a day……..Look for the work on my Facebook page and keep coming back to read about the antics of idiocy in the creative world.


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