Re-Usable Shopping Bags

OK FOLKS, THE BAN IS HAPPENING. Effective the 20th of March, in Santa Cruz County areas, no more plastic bags in stores and if you need a bag, some places charge a fee.
I make these bags sturdy and in the exact same style as those plastic bags you get in grocery stores and k mart type places.

You get 5 for $20.00 and I am local and able to make them fast and strong. They can be made from recylcled sheets, jeans or your choice of colors. If you want something more decorative there is an additional fee.

Payment by cash locally or through PAY PAL, NO CERTIFIED CHECKS FROM SCAMMERS. Also, even though it takes me no time at all to make them, if I have orders, you are in that line up….thus time is a concern in some cases.

Replace your plastic bags with these.


Bags, Purses, Medicinal Herb Bags, Totes and Clutches

Enchanted Forest Bird

Commissioned One of a Kind, The Pearly Purps

Another Closer Look at the Enchanted Forest SeriesEnchanted Forest Bird

Closer View of the Work, when It was in progress

Various Designs to Illustrate Size Differences

Totes and Other Bags

Muslin Shopping Bag, Extra Sturdy

Original Bags by Jennifer Haworth