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This is a new venture and I am still getting all the tweaks out. All of these products can be ordered on the site. Since this post is a work in progress as much as the Zazzle store, I will be updating it regularly.
For now, you can follow the link and hopefully, you will find something of interest and if not, please let me know what you would like to see and I will do my best to create it for the store or personally for you, the individual. Life is about adventure in all ways and at the moment, I am simply making all attempts to find a way to both keep myself entertained and entertain, you who visit my sites. In addition, it is about survival of a life style and funding that every day event.*
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From One Sketch Book To Another



Just a Mask, Ink Over Pencil

I am not a painter, however I do try sometimes. I love prisma and veri-thins, colored pencil, ink and all types of paper. There are times, from the past, when there was no generator here and if you lost power, our road was one of the last on the list. Trees fall, lines get tangled and candles are a must. Two years ago, we had a 6 day power outage and while we do have propane, we did not have a propane stove at that time, we had heat though and candles, so I could draw. I can illustrate and I can paint simple doll faces, however every image of what a watercolor might turn out to be has been lost on me and my attempts, so they stay simple.

Row Row Row, Studying Use of Colored Pencil

None of these are Adobe. They are just my mind. None of these are special, however they served a purpose and filled an empty space at the time, they were created. Some drawings come from a collection, that I titled: Postcards from Hell Series. Those were initially born out of living with a chronic alcoholic musician and continue, when I need to journal draw.

Just a Lily, Colored Pencil and Blender


And They Grow, Ink over Pencil

Day At the Beach


Valentine For a Loser, Pen over Pencil

Sanctuary, Ink over Pen by Candle Light


Three Pieces Of Me, Watercolor and Ink