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This is a new venture and I am still getting all the tweaks out. All of these products can be ordered on the site. Since this post is a work in progress as much as the Zazzle store, I will be updating it regularly.
For now, you can follow the link and hopefully, you will find something of interest and if not, please let me know what you would like to see and I will do my best to create it for the store or personally for you, the individual. Life is about adventure in all ways and at the moment, I am simply making all attempts to find a way to both keep myself entertained and entertain, you who visit my sites. In addition, it is about survival of a life style and funding that every day event.*
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Original Paper Doll Art From Fir Grove Designs

RoseAnna Paper Doll

Kay Paper Doll

Nolita Paper Doll

Almost anyone that I have known in the cloth doll world also creates or created paper dolls. It adds something extra to the fabric character creations. I began very simply, making some rather simple and almost hideous looking characters. The reason, I state this, is that the dolls were proportioned wrong and looked like something out of a child’s art journal. I kept all of them though and can look at them fondly.

I created a paper doll booklet for an organization called: NCDMA aka National Cloth Doll Makers Association and I was a member briefly of: OPDAG aka Original Paper Doll Artists Guild. I was not much of a participating member, however it was an added network and advertising connection.

I have all of the original art work, as well as the camera ready art work for my paper dolls and I truly hope one day, I can market these in book form.

Amanda Teddy Bear and Bunny

Mica Teddy Bear

May-Bell Teddy Bear

Meribell Teddy Bear Paper Doll

Misha and Grandpa Toblear Teddy Bear Paper Dolls

Uncolored Mica Teddy Bear Paper Doll

Jacob's Teddy Bear Paper Doll

Jacob's Christmas Teddy Bear Paper Doll

Eliza and Ben Chimp Paper Dolls

Harold Rabbit Paper Doll

April Showers Harold Rabbit Paper Doll

Some paper dolls are character type. The ideas can be born out of story book themes or just day-to-day images. Humpty Dumpty is of course one of my favorite. Elephants are one that I have yet to create and probably never will, although they are my passion.

Pandora Paper Doll

The Juggler Paper Doll

Humpty Dumpty One Paper Doll

Humpty Dumpty's Encore Performance Paper Doll

Tea Cozy Paper Doll

Shana May Paper Doll

All of the paper dolls I have shown on these pages, have been published. I was the paper doll artist monthly for a newsprint paper, put out by Richard Shiessle for a couple of years. The paper was titled: Western Doll and Teddy Bear Collector. I have no idea what happened to this individual. He created the paper, as part of his country-wide doll shows. Those were the best shows for doll collectors, that I had ever had a chance to visit.

Charlie, Nathan, Sonia and I think one or others,  were published in ‘Doll Castle News’. I only have Charlie here and I need to upgrade that photo, if I can find him in the boxes. I have all the originals, but need to sort through many items to find them all.

I do not think I will ever draw any more paper doll art. It was fun for the time and I have since sold my light box, due to lack of any money. It is what it is.

Daniella and Her Goose Paper Doll

Timmie and Jacob Paper Doll

Charlie Paper Doll (Photo is a bit blurry)

Charlie Paper Doll Clothing