Mini Art Quilts and other Related Artistic Endeavors

For anyone following my blogs and there really are only a few, these may be repetitive. It takes me awhile to get on here, even with a faster connection.

All of the work, that I have recently completed, with the exception of the Owl, is for sale on under my name, Jennifer Haworth. I like to combine materials to make an attempt at a statement. ironically, the pieces I do not like are the ones that everyone else does.

So these are my latest pieces of work. Almost all are from 8″ to 11″ tall and about the same or less wide. They are finished on the back with a sleeve for the dowel that I make and also a hanging string, yarn or otherwise.

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Where Fairies Dance Til Dawn

The top one is not finished and entitled: Pathways Cross the Sky. Second: Owl by the Silver Moon. Third: Where Fairies Dance til Dawn.

I have more to add later, tried and it is being way too slow.




Bags, Purses, Medicinal Herb Bags, Totes and Clutches

Enchanted Forest Bird

Commissioned One of a Kind, The Pearly Purps

Another Closer Look at the Enchanted Forest SeriesEnchanted Forest Bird

Closer View of the Work, when It was in progress

Various Designs to Illustrate Size Differences

Totes and Other Bags

Muslin Shopping Bag, Extra Sturdy

Original Bags by Jennifer Haworth

Small Shoulder Bags and Beaded Purses

Medicinal Herb Bag, One of a kind

Purple Pearl Purse

Being unemployed gives one a choice. You can do nothing, while you are using every possible avenue of life, to attempt to find a job, or you can apply the talents or gifts you possess, while doing that to make an effort to make some form of money. I began making these purses, when I was in one of those states of mind. I had and still have no patterns for any of the purses, that I create and for the most part, all of them are one of a kind and from my mind.

all fabric and beaded one of a kind

Butterscotch, Licorice, Purple Gray and Rose Medicinal Herb Bags or Purses

I love little shoulder bags and purses. I collect them, just to display. When I had no money to spend, I began designing the bags. Initially I made many of these purses, to fall in line with the changes in-laws governing, Medical Marijuana. I created bags and still create bags, that have all the appropriate pockets to hold, your card, your meds, your lighter and choice of tool.

Fabric Purses

My First Collection of Small Shoulder Bags

Just because some of these bags were designed with the Med MJ in mind, does not make me a stoner. It also does not make the bags only for that purpose. I like pockets in purses. I usually have no less than five pockets in each purse and a number of closures.

One of a kind, beaded, fabric bag

Celestial Beaded Round Shoulder Bag

With little or no money to spend on supplies, I had the advantage of years of stored items, from fabric, beads, trims and buttons to other things. This allowed me to cut out the overhead, with the exception of time, being a payable division of pricing.

I continue to make purses and offer some of these at the local dispensary, Boulder Creek Collective. I have made several purses through custom orders. All of my bags, purses, totes and clutches are completely finished, with zero raw edges. Most all of them also include something unique, from beadwork to buttons and other concepts.

each one is one of a kind

Small Beaded, Mulit Pocket Med Bags

These particular bags are my smaller ones.

In the photos, it is possible there are some pins for positioning. In addition, some of these bags do not show the beadwork, which was added later.

All bags sell from $35.00 to $75.00 and are guarranteed to last longer than your life time, in most cases. I sew with perfection, however, even flaws can add character. I also offer satisfaction and joy, with each bag that I create.

I will be adding more and more to this post, both as I finish it with purses, in stock and with new purses, that I am designing and stitching now.