Fabric Vases

Once again, I have to give kudos to Linda Johansen for another book that she did about creating fabric vases. This book inspired me once more to make artistic designs, that could be used as a vase and came from my own mindful of ideas.

fabric and one of a kind

Bear Side of Fabric Forest Vase

My initial vase was a small fabric one with a forest bear motif on one side and mountain goat and other animals on the other side.  Since I was about to participate in an arts and craft fair, I needed a few more items to add to my inventory, that I could create fast.

I made the felt vases, because felt is an easy fabric to work with and edges are virtually finished, no matter what you do to them.

One of a Kind, Fabric Vase

Wilderness Fabric Vase, All Cotton, with lining

Due to the fact, that I also believe in Medicinal Cannabis and enjoy the beauty of the plant itself, I used some felt Cannabis Leaves, that I had created prior to attempting to make vases.

These are my initial designs, using the fishbowl concept. I have the desire to create many more vases, in different shapes and sizes, with fabric and beadwork, as well as . The vases are priced at $15.00 for the large and $10.00 for the small. Generally, I would not price anything this low, however since these are my first endeavors, I would like to make some form of cash at some time in my life and it is Christmas time.

Fabric Vases For Monarch Show

Trees, Elephant, Canna Leaf felt Vases

Since, I never limit my designs to any one theme, I used my designs from Christmas Angels, I had made many years ago, my love of trees,  stars and sky and my passionate love for Elephants.

felt and beads

Elephant Felt Fabric Vases

Felt Fabric One of  kind

Angel Felt Vase

You can place anything dry in the vase from rocks to a vessel to hold water and flowers or branches. The leaves are separate and involved a great deal of time, paying attention to detail and are made from an actual leaf used as a template.  If you have dried flowers, I would suggest filling the vase with rocks or marbles and you can position the branches in those for support.

felt, one of a kind

Large Felt Cannabis Leaf Vase

fabric felt one of a kind

Felt Cannabis Leaf Fabric Vases