Negative Ninnies Neigh

The negative ninnies have gathered at the water trough, to discuss, good work, bad work, copying their work, not showing the back or side or in-between of their work.

I am so happy, I am not looking at their work because their attitudes are ugly and the work then constitutes a value below any applicable sense of reasoning.

I believe in encouraging all to do what they love and whether someone does it well or not, is not up to these negative ninnies. I do not have to look at the work and neither do they.
One of them says she does not look at other people’s’ work, because all her ideas come from her mind. If that is so, how is it that you have an opinion about this person and that person. Another says other people create monstrosities of embarrassment proportion. Shame on you both for being so self indulged and egotistical hypocrites.

So, once again, I have cut out the disease and once again, yet another group, I enjoyed for the positive aspects, is cut and tossed to the waste basket, much like the trashy individuals who so blatantly seek to accuse and belittle.

I have a good friend, well, I happen to have many good friends, however this one is a very positive individual in supporting the work of many. She takes the time to offer some words, that might simply boost that person’s day with a positive affirmation. She was also judged by a negative ninny, however that did not stop her from continuing on with her own passion and desire to contribute to the artistic well-being of others. We share a good chuckle or two from time to time, about the idiotic actions of some, then we move on and find better ways to share our time.

I guess in a lot of ways, the ‘Bless your Heart’ phrase that some use in other words, might apply here in this blog. I find it hard to believe in those egotistical few, whose words still sit in a file on my own computer, putting others’ down and then turning on me, as though that person was ever worthy of my own time and value. Time to delete those files, as it is of no value to me in my own life or creativity.

How boring it must be in the world of some, to never be fully at peace inside, due to their own sadistic actions, hypocrisies concerning others, gossiping bs and more. With that last line being said, I am off to take a long walk in the morning light and feel completely blessed that I am not those people. Heart and soul cannot be faked and the one, who seeks to intimidate or blatantly continue to make the point, that others are copying her work, is so pathetic and ridiculous, I have other paths to walk upon and discover. Into the trash bin with that individual as negative as that is, the purge is worth it.

(Note: For some, the ‘Bless Your Heart’ phrase is a polite way of saying FU! )

Artistic Passion

I started this blog days ago and yet, wondered if it really matters that much. I was frustrated with my own work and going through that once, every so often phase of, never going to be good enough.

The passion to create, is both a joy and a horror story. It is a self-inflicted addiction, that takes charge of your heart, mind and soul.
Every waking moment and sometimes sleep is filled with a never-ending, twisting and turning road of desire, to fulfill that need of seeing your idea, come to life. You hope that your hands can translate the photos in your mind, using the abilities that you know you possess. It is a life, filled with so many emotions, surrounding inner demons, as well as, spirits, who fill our life with heart-felt goals.

Design is not always an easy challenge. Some make it look easy and effortless, however, it still involves a maze of puzzle pieces, that intertwine, to reach fruition. It is a tease, a taunt, a melody, a complex or simplistic minute in time. That minute is filled with delight, frustration, elation and more adjectives than one can use to fully describe how it works.

Everyone has their own niche, method or plan, however for me, the best ideas emerge out of random moments, spent mentally and methodically or illogically, drawing a concept or form. I dwell, linger, ponder and am often consumed by a thought that I have hopes might become a reality.

We love to create, or we would not do it, however, there is also that feeling of being possessed, that driven aspect that has such a strong hold on the artistic or crafty individual. I understand that the brain produces dopamine, causing a natural high, when an individual has a satisfying sense of achievement, however there are lows as well. Whether high or low, the creative mind still moves forward.

I have quit doing this so many times, and then bounced back a hundred more. When what you do produces a sense of happiness in another individual, that makes it all worth the price of being dominated by a medium in the artistic realm of this universe.

Integrity and the ME, ME, ME, Look at Me Individual


We all love attention at one point or another in our lifetime, unless you possess sociopathic tendencies.

I have read and hear the words, over and over from a large number of individuals: I do not like people. I do not trust people. I tend to keep to myself, to stay away from people. I have said those words myself. My all time favorite line, was this one sent to me by someone filled with scorn: I will no longer SHARE anything about my work with anyone.

This may well be a valid personality trait of many, however many of those who speak or write those words, seek constant reaffirming attention on the internet. They share the work, because they need the affirmation, that they exist. (I share my work as well, with some of these reasons, however it is for me, pure joy and not angst, filled with greed. I am not worried about anyone copying what I do. I welcome copies. I just move on to the next design. )
The affirmation extends to the, look at me, in my new selfie, look at my work, praise me, love me, share me, like my page, like me. An audience is of course, gained with all this constant babble and relationships are formed, however many of the relationships are not real, it is simply a moment in time. Of course we all love praise and customers are also born out of the sharing.

Seriously, some of these people are decent while others are nothing more than a bad rash, that will go away eventually..

When you apply this to art or craft, it is hard to find the line that separates, need and desire with inner peace and joy. More often than not, these are part of the entire process, however the need and desire, should be fulfilled by the accomplishment and not encompass a paranoid wrath of activities in words, that are truly detrimental to a healthy state of being.

The jewelry maker, wrapped up in possession,  who keeps stating that the work is theirs, Mine, my design, my mind over and over, you have to wonder, how real it really is. Over justification, often reeks of dishonesty. Yea, you saw that design somewhere and think no one else saw it and you can claim it is yours because you wove it into your work, otherwise, you would just be content to share. The paranoia elicited in an artist likes this, is so blatant it defies complete explanation.

Those who are comfortable with the work they do, rarely over state anything in their descriptions or comments about their work. If they are asked about design, they are open and honest and not so wrapped up in the words: Me, Mine, and I. Integrity is often hard to come by, with an individual like this, who has not really comprehended the reality of their actions. This person may go into hiding for a bit and emerge with a new design and then claim life was so hard, I had to take a break and once again the me, me, me of personality creates an onslaught of attention.

I was told once by an individual, that they were not threatened by my work, however jealousy reared it is little green head, when my work gained more recognition or exhibited skills achieved in a months time as opposed to half a year and that same individual attempted to dictate, who could purchase my pieces. Wow….if that was not enough, a whole host of other activities, mysteriously began happening, including stalking my pages and for a very short time period and I became a stagnant pool of one too many items piling up in my stock.

As I have stated in other blogs, the funny thing about the behind the scenes, is that eventually people wake up and realize, that the gossip line is really quite deplorable. People wake up and see that this activity of belittling and slandering others, is not right. This morning alone, I had three new private messages from individuals, asking me, what is wrong with so and so. I had to say, I do not really know, we are not friends and I have no time for that person and the BS. I had to just write the simple initials, SMH and state, that person has issues and is delusional. I have only one or two people who I will spend time analyzing people with and the rest, I refuse to state much more than issues and delusional and leave it at that.

I am seeing all sorts of new and bright artisans emerging in the jewelry world and it is refreshing. Of course there are still those who are vulnerable to the rantings of a paranoid artist and will take sides and shun some, who do not deserve the animosity, but time will take its toll as minds learn to think and speak for themselves and no longer find the ME, ME, ME, individual attractive.

In a discussion with a friend, I made the observation, that some people use others, play others and spit them out at random. After saying that or writing it, it occurred to me, it is not that they lack compassion completely or, are not conscious of their own actions, they just plain lack intelligence and integrity.

Oh Karma, how I sing your tune. Time, just time, will tell and I have no fear of it, because my Karma is good as long as I stay away from the phony, self-serving ME ME ME of the art and jewelry world…

Which Wizard are You?


In the movie depiction of the “Wizard of Oz”, the supposed wizard is hidden behind a curtain, loudly proclaiming his magnificence.
On the internet occurs this same phenomenon, with individuals, I prefer to view as, Wizards at Odds aka delusional ignorance. They hide behind a curtain of their own accomplishments, sometimes in a delusional world of their own making. Many are decent and accommodating, while others dwell in a pool of insecurity and paranoia, creating scenarios in their head, that do not exist in reality.

I have rewritten this blog in my head and on paper, many times, because it covers such a mind-boggling array of behavior, it is hard to describe, without coming across as snarky.

Here is the thing, or the word or the heart of the matter. If you are going to create items to sell, you need to have a bit of tact, diplomacy and customer service oriented values.
You need to put aside your imaginary world or voices in your head that seek to damage your customers’ credibility as well as other artists’ credibility, whether it is in public or behind the scenes.

Customers are valuable. Some become friends, while others remain acquaintances. Repeat business not only boosts the artisan’s reputation, but adds to the personal benefits of monetary gain. Customers are your exposure, in part to the world. The satisfied customer will advertise and praise your work. This individual wears the work with a sense of pride and joy, boosting the work for the one who created it, sharing the sites, where additional pieces can be found and purchased by others, creating new customers, new networking, new recognition.

Other artists who work in the same medium are also a source of networking for those who admire other’s work. Each person seeks to be recognized in one way or another and enjoys the camaraderie of accomplishments in the same medium, the adventure of creating and sharing, that is, until one or more individuals comes along and creates her own perfect storm.

I have customers that are collectors. One such individual has over 100 necklaces that I created and she wears them and displays them on her wall. Jewelry is art and for some, the collection is, akin to a beautiful tapestry. It brings joy to see the pieces over and over, wear them and share them. I have other customers who have large collections of the items I have created and love what I have brought to them. I am not the only piece in their collections, but that is the operative word here, collections. They do not resell what I make or give it away, however if they choose to do so, that is fine and that is their choice.

Once you create an item to sell and it is sold, it is no longer yours. Yes, your initial thought, your idea, your concept, your production, however no longer your possession. Unless you are going to put a GPS tracking device on your work and even if you did, it is not up to you, the artisan/artist to determine what happens beyond your sale. You have no right be accusatory or inflict your mindless, delusional attitudes upon your innocent customers or friends.

When a supposed friend/artist inflicts inflammatory and hurtful accusations upon anyone, albeit a customer, the relationship is damaged beyond repair. When that same person begins spreading poison, in a chain, behind the scenes, the damage ensues. I have tried to wrap my head around the reasons for anyone doing this and there is no justifiable cause, with the exception of the plain fact, that the individual who engages in this activity, definitely is mentally ill and should seek some form of help.

Creativity, as I have often said, should be celebrated. Work that takes time and skill to create becomes ugly, when the individual begins a wrath of idiocy and displays an attitude that just makes no sense to any sane individual. Many artists are a bit off base and there is nothing wrong with that, as we are driven individuals, with a passion to create and hold onto what makes each of us unique, however we are no longer in the pioneer days, where the exposure is few and far between in distances. We are in an age, where everyone sees what is done and there are many doing the same thing, in their own chosen style.

Customers are to be celebrated and not admonished because they repeatedly purchase, what they love to add to their own personal COLLECTION. If you must live in a delusional world of your own making and listen to the voices in your head as you repeatedly answer your own questions, feel free to do so, however do not inflict your unfounded accusations upon innocent individuals or spread your poison among other buyers and artists. Karma truly is a bitch and more often than not comes back to haunt, those who seek to do damage.

So, the question is, which Wizard are you? Or maybe I should have said which, witch are you, the good one or the bad one and does it really bring you such joy to be living in such a negative and destructive world of your own making? The energy we project is what propels us forward and advances our creative productivity.

I am baffled and confused as to why any one individual would be so desperate in their attempts for recognition, that they would continually step on those who whole heartedly supported them and thus destroy any possible future connection. Once again and as redundant as it is, Karma…….


You Reap What You Sow


I have developed some wonderful friendships and connections in the world of Wire Weaving. In doing this, I have had to weed out the genuine vs. phony.

For the most part, the creative artisans that I have exchanged long chats with or shared information, from artistic to personal, have been completely awesome. Then again, there are the random few, that feel they are entitled to an air of aristocracy. I am not talking about the, current century, originals in the medium, who established themselves, long ago, I am referring to relatively new individuals, who find it appropriate to place demands on everyone who sees their work or is a newbie, developing skills in the medium. I am referring to the kind of people who seek to intimidate, with shady back street methods on private messaging and snide comments in public. I believe, that everyone has met one of those along the creative path.

The irony of back stabbing gossip, is that it only remains hidden for a short time period and eventually floats to the top, exposed for many to hear or read. I will freely admit, that I was an individual who did express opinions, in trust, about other’s work in private, however I stopped because it did not feel right to be so judgemental unless the work was really horrid, then I expressed the SMH opinion and moved on. I realized that everyone has a right to create, that which makes their life shine a bit brighter, occupies the mind and time and keeps the individual moving forward in life, positively. I am not perfect or a saint and I have made my own mistakes, however I actually learned from them and while my trust in a few is completely broken, I will not let that person or those people destroy my own ability to shine.

Have we really evolved this far as a species, that we cannot just appreciate artistic talents, our decent customers and the excitement of those who wish to create with some of the same techniques ? Not everyone looks at everyone else’s work with the desire to be that person or create that piece of work, they admired.

Is it necessary to play games and display bitterness and disdain for those just as talented and on the path to continually learning new skills in wire work? Is it necessary to place demands on others and play the accusations game?

There are times, I am reminded of the movie, The Exorcist, where Linda Blair’s head spins round and the demonic forces emerge in a rage. The scizophrenic artist becomes that demonic force, fueled by their own self-imposed sense of entitlement and greed. The I, Me, Mine of the artist takes the beautiful work into another realm, where the ugliness of the artist or artisan is exposed and thus the pieces are no longer as beautiful. The pieces become unwearable and a detachment is born. I personally remove such item/s from my home, if I have ever purchased them. Beautiful work deserves, beautiful memories and those can be destroyed by the artist and the actions of that artist or they can live on from a positive individual’s light.
Is this really necessary? Do people need to exhibit selfishness and ugliness in their ownership of an idea, so much that they destroy the ability of others’ to see the beauty that was once so prevalent?

We develop these friendships, among our artistic communities, sometimes, with an adrenalin rush of excitement, because we share like minded thoughts, concepts or life styles. We share passions to create and develop our talents. We share time. No one enters a friendship completely in a protective shroud. While it may take time to open up to anyone, we gradually begin to do so, in trust and joy. Unfortunately, that joy can be shattered and that friendship becomes a pocket of time that was wasted and thus the friendship is buried, sometimes with remorse, sometimes with joy. When the latter happens, hence the little private messaging begins and alliances are formed. For some of us, we move on, while the insecure yet self-serving, develop a plan of attack using others and playing the woe is me card. I have seen it happen and as the individual who does this, once again alienates yet another “friend”, the messages are passed around and it is pathetic. Just stop! Stop wasting time trying to take down another and do something positive instead. When someone thinks their idiotic actions will benefit, Karma steps in and takes control.

Well, this particular artist (me) has been around a long time and worked in many mediums and excelled at some and had to put others away. My abilities are growing as I learn, every single day. My customer base is growing and my light is shining. I am not doing perfect work, but I am doing handmade and that distinction allows for imperfections. I am not capable of everything, YET..and I may never be. I look at a piece and see the errors, while most everyone else just sees how much work it is and the beauty. I have very little time to cruise other people’s pages and yet, thanks to others, I know who is cruising mine. I intend to keep moving forward, to continue to be as positive to my friends and customers as I can be. Once in a great while, I have experienced a customer, that was unreasonable and had to be blocked, however for the most part, I have great customers that appreciate me.

I am grateful for those wonderful friendships and the plain fact that I am not part of a flock of sheep, following the bitter words of a troubled soul..on Facebook…Transparency allows those of us, who have been played to see the clear truth. Be who you really want to be and do what you love!!!



I live in a beautiful area, where I can hike, walk about and gather my thoughts, creative energy and design concepts freely.
My workshop, however, has no windows and thus, my inspiration needs to come from nature, hard objects, balance in concept and my windows, in my own mind.

When I started out with the weaving process, wrapping the stones, I did admire a few individuals’ work and marveled at the beauty in a completed project, however that was diminished by an attitude that prevailed in some individuals’ minds, that they were the only one who had license to create in a specific manner.

I use to love to purchase a piece from those whose work appealed to me, however that too was diminished by an attitude and I stopped buying anything but supplies.

I stopped being involved in groups that promoted wire weaving and learning and I stopped looking at almost anyone’s work. I had to feel free to know, that my ideas are mine and while they may look similar to something, someone else does, it simply means, we have the same idea at the same time and nothing more.

The wire weaving world can be brutal and harsh as the I, me, mine of egos entertwine and competitive selfishness possesses many. As far, as I am concerned, if I create something that someone else wants to create, go for it. Do what you love and I could care less, if someone creates a similar piece to mine, because the love that exists in the creative process, is all that matters.

Inspiration and mentors are not there to push me forward because of the initial experience I had with an individual. I love the positive energy, that many creative individuals possess and the accusatory negative side, is one that I choose to walk away from.

I would much rather help people, move forward with their desires to create wire woven work and be a positive mentor.

As far as work that I personally admire, that would be work created by individuals, who may not do perfect work or maybe they do, but they have real heart and soul and do not play with people for amusement.

Dealing with Insanity


This is a blog post concerning how idiotic, life can be with an individual, jewelry customer , who lacks the mental stability, necessary to function within reality and sits behind a keyboard, lashing out like a child, whenever someone does not do what she desires.

I had a customer who desired not only multiple free items, once I posted an offer concerning, purchase one and get one of your choice free, in addition to requesting a custom wire woven pendant and dictating all the creative license terms.

Now these issues mentioned are not the crime. What the crime is, deals with an over abundance of messages, snide remarks, unrealistic demands and more.

This is simply a log of the constant flow of idiocy.


Part One

I had to jog my memory a bit, to remember how this person entered my life and jewelry work. I posted in an auction group and that was how this relationship began.

I do not generally participate in too many Facebook groups, due to the simple fact, that some are inhabited by individuals who will try to make your life hell. It always starts out positive, however one must have or develop a thick skin, to participate and share in a  world of harsh competition. I say harsh, only because many can have the same idea/s and once executed, one opens one’s self up to any form of both positive and negative.

I am changing the name of the individual in this scenario. Not because I genuinely care for the person, but to protect myself.


Part Two~A

I had two pendants on the auction site and was met with a good deal of praise for my work and the bidding began. It should have remained on the site itself, however it elicited a barrage of behind the scenes private messaging and a customer from hell was born.

I like to make people happy. I like to create and sell something to an individual knowing they are pleased with the purchase. I will easily adjust lengths and clasps or closures. I will not change my necklace design adding beads and more, just because someone wants to redesign my piece. This was not met with great satisfaction.

The individual, we will rename,”Gritty”, wanted to dictate her own vision into, my vision and this was not a positive attribute, for a piece of work that took hours to create and was not a custom design, in the first place. (We will however, touch upon the “custom” design later in this blog.)

Gritty did not win either of the auctions, however desired to purchase jewelry from me and this is a copy of one of the initial private message encounters. Prior to this, she had publicly, carried on a chat, viewed by many. (The public chat is mentioned in her text.)The chat was not my choice, it was hers and not my fault, that she carried it on continually out in the open. I did not save that chat. Bear in mind also, that this whole scenario took about two hours of time.


Part Two~ B

Gritty had set her sights on a pendant in my ETSY shop, however she informed me that she is disabled and could not pay that price. She really wanted that pendant necklace and because I have a huge heart, I wanted to bring some joy to her, by reducing the pendant price. I had no idea that I was being scammed until recently, when I could see how many pieces she was actually purchasing through-out the months. Please note that the title of the item included the word: GLASS. I bring this up only because it was a red flag in the conversation, I passed over.

The Conversation ensues:

I can’t find you on ETSY is your shop under a different name?
Thanks so much
Cali Wild Violet Designs
I check my page daily and will respond to any requests, ASAP.
Thanks for stopping by!
JUL 31ST, 6:23PM

Cali Wild Violet Designs
I see you found it..I am sorry I was delayed..Do you have a price
you might be comfortable with on the Glass Cab necklace ???

No I don’t if you want 80 that’s what you should get for it, you be
the one to say how low you are willing to go. I am disabled and
own a ton of jewelry and I string and don’t know how to wire wrap
pendants but I can make bracelets and necklaces with the simple
wrap to keep then together I have at least 40 cabs why I don’t
know and thousands of beads I haven’t been into making it for a
while but hope to get back to it. I thought that was real turquoise
until I read it was a glass bead. I have tons of real turquoise
passed down from mom and grandmother and bought sever
You let me know I really don’t need it but thought it was very
Thanks so much

Cali Wild Violet Designs
I never know…I do this more for the joy than anything…I would go
to $50 for that one..
Thank You for your compliments tho.. ??

I can afford that but can I have it 16.5″ long is that ok? Does it
come with the earrings or do I buy them separately. First I have to
see if she outbid me on the read one I can’t afford both so I have
to go look ok thanks so much

Cali Wild Violet Designs
Yes…I can make it 16.5″ and I put it on deactivate just in case….I
like making people Happy!!! I will be back in just a bit. Have to
get dinner on table and will return in half hour… ??
You also get to pick out a free necklace if you purchase from
me…I will reduce the price on the one on ETSY if you decide and I
have some free ones on my FB page…back in a bit..

Cali Wild Violet Designs
no earrings, as I rarely make them with the wire woven
pendants..sorry about that.
JUL 31ST, 9:13PM

Cali Wild Violet Designs
my mistake cause I am tired..yes earrings..
AUG 1ST, 7:35AM

Cali Wild Violet Designs
AUG 2ND, 1:19AM

I am going to feel jipped if I do not received a free necklace with
the blue one I bought today. That has to be at least one more
available that I can get. I wouldn’t have bought another pendant if
I knew I wasn’t going to get a free one with it. I will not take
anymore of your time I just wanted to let you know how I am
AUG 2ND, 5:54AM

Cali Wild Violet Designs
Do you understand how much time, I took to try and make you
happy yesterday. I reduced the price of the one necklace on ETSY
that was $80 to $50 and included the crazy lace agate necklace in
that box. The crazy lace agate was a $25 stone. The Blue Glass
Cab that you purchased to receive that was a $30 cabochon, with
four hours of weave on it that normally should be priced at $20 an
hour. The Blue Glass Cabochon, that you asked to have me change
out the chain on is a $29 Glass Cab with 3 or 4 hours of weave on
and I am changing out the leather. In addition, I have adjusted all
the lengths for you. I offered you an endless number of choices
and you said, you did not want any of them. I have sold you two
pendants at discounts and like I said, you are getting the one free,
that went out with the mail and the first purchase, yesterday. How
and in what manner have I possibly “Jipped” you? Most sellers
would never offer something free with every purchase, let alone
one purchase.

Cali Wild Violet Designs
I have refunded your money for the recent blue cab purchase and
now you will not feel jipped.
AUG 2ND, 10:59AM

After I had said that I wish I could have taken it back it was late
and I was exhausted. I would not have felt jipped because you
took 30.00 off of the pendant I loved so much but you didn’t have
to refund the money. I feel very badly that I was the one you
wasted all that time on yesterday. I guess you don’t want me
buying in your shop anymore and I cannot blame you. I am very
sorry for causing these feelings between us I never meant to do
that’s. After I had done such a rude and thoughtless thing I
couldn’t sleep all night thinking about it. I am not the k mind of
person that says or does things like that I don’t know why I did it
or what came over me I am sincerely sorry for the trouble I caused
you because you are such a nice person and yes you did bend over
backwards to help me. I will still purchase the blue one as I
committed to for all the time and trouble I put you through

Cali Wild Violet Designs
I think it is best we part ways. I am not an unkind person either,
however I have a life here and I spent so much time and I was tired
as well. I have refunded your money for the blue glass cab from
yesterday. Thank You for your other purchase.

Ok if that is how you feel I will no longer be involved in any way
with your shop
AUG 3RD, 7:56AM

Cali Wild Violet Designs
I am just saying…for now …this is best as it was too much of a
roller coaster and I have a lot going on, on this property….People
were watching that whole conversation yesterday and telling me,
that I should have just ended it, but I am a people pleaser…so I
tried…My one point, I will make to you, is that when you want a
piece of jewely, you should never tell ANY artist, to add beads or
otherwise…what a person creates is their statement and while I let
you go on….others felt it was rude…food for thought..
AUG 3RD, 7:20PM

Boy I just can’t win I received my items today and they are
gorgeous even my husband loved them I know people could see
everything and I should have just shut my big mouth I can’t say I
am sorry enough because I got you upset and now I was rude, I
hope one of those people that I buy from all the time didn’t see it
but I
am sure she did. I have a lot going on too but that give me or
anyone for that matter to be inconsiderate of your time and your
feelings now the whole jewelry community is going to think I am a
big jerk that just makes my day. In the future I will not ask
questions only if it is to shorten something
Thanks again and I will leave you a glowing review
AUG 3RD, 10:40PM

Cali Wild Violet Designs
I am not mad or upset with you …I was a little but what good does
that do us…it is all okay…
AUG 6TH, 7:16PM

Just wanted to let you know going on a girls vacation next week
and taking both pendants you made


Part Three~ The Custom Pendant Necklace

Gritty after viewing all the custom created work, using the Glass Cabochons, once again sought me out, since I did have her on my friends list on FB, as I do many customers.

She wanted a custom wire woven, glass cabochon for herself and purchased one from the designer for me to wrap. She had it shipped to me and the day, the very day, that it arrived, I created her custom pendant. It is beautiful.

While Gritty had desired to have a full say in this process, we discussed on private messenger, how this was going to happen and once again, duped by the notion, we had agreed upon me, being the artist and wire weaver, that I could create what she wanted to purchase.

This is the conversation, in which I have deleted addresses and paypal. Lapses in conversation with just a name, were due to photographs inserted in the text and constantly having video chat requested.

The Conversation:

Conversation started Friday
8/19, 4:42pm
Have you seen some of the new ones? Do you only wrap in copper
because there is a black one with some turquoise a lot of different
colors do you use any silver at all? How much will it be if I buy the
stone and have it sent to you?
Thanks Gritty
I have it down to three and out want one of I give you the numbers
of them will you tell me what you think? 1-#101295, 2-#101029
and 3-# 101190
Thanks I value your opinion

I also love love 101250 but I like big pendants will that one cut it
or not?
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:39pm

Jennifer Haworth
Okay …looking now…and I have a bad cold as of this morning…so
give me a little time to do this…not as fast today as I normally
8/19, 5:40pm
I have a cold too worse time of year to get one take your time
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:45pm
Jennifer Haworth
okay so here are the choices you have (I combined the photos to
make it easier for her to choose a cabochon)
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:45pm
Jennifer Haworth
It is easier to look at them all together…
middle one is 1 7/8″ and I have to find the others again to check
the size..but you said you wanted some purple a few days ago…let
me look at them again on my photo program.
8/19, 5:47pm
There was one more did you get 101250
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:47pm
Jennifer Haworth
just a sec..let me find that one..
8/19, 5:49pm
No hurry
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:50pm
Jennifer Haworth
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:50pm
Jennifer Haworth
That one has more purple in it…It is SO hard to choose….All of
her cabs are so fun to wrap and so gorgeous…
I think the middle one on the upper photos has the least purple
Bottom one I just pulled up is brightest
or the third one is bright too..
8/19, 5:52pm
Isn’t that pretty it has kind of a funny shaped top I want a large
pendant so the cab can’t be too small
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:54pm
Jennifer Haworth
The shapes are mostly like that…and once it is wrapped…you
know the frame takes over…It is $40 to wrap and with the cord or
chain, if I have chain on hand..
8/19, 5:54pm
You missed a video chat with Gritty.Call Back
8/19, 5:55pm
They are all so pretty I couldn’t decide I love the black one but
wrapping it in copper would make it even darker done in copper
8/19, 5:55pm
You missed a call from Gritty.Call Back
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:55pm
Jennifer Haworth
Everyone hits that video chat…and I have no video or chat on this
8/19, 5:55pm
8/19, 5:56pm
Sorry what am I suppose to do when you do that I have never done
that before
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:56pm
Jennifer Haworth
I just decline…A lot of people accidentally hit that thing…I am use
to it…
8/19, 5:58pm
I think 101250 is the one I want they don’t get much prettier than
8/19, 5:58pm
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:58pm
Jennifer Haworth
that is the last one…right???
8/19, 5:58pm
This one
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:58pm
Jennifer Haworth
oh is gorgeous
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 5:59pm
Jennifer Haworth
Okay…well…you just have to make sure she knows…you are
sending it here..once it is here, I will let you know and start
weaving and send it next day….Like I is $40 once it is
done and I will pay shipping…no biggie..and with her cabs..I use
my boxes to prevent damage…
8/19, 6:00pm
I am going to buy it will she send it to you or should I get it and
mail it to you that just seems kind of stupid to do don’t
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 6:01pm
Jennifer Haworth
Now if you want a white leather or specific color…I might have to
order that…but my leather person is fast…even tho, she is in NY
Yes …she will send it to me..
That is how the last person did it too….and almost everyone of
those ones I posted were custom orders.
She has my address, however….go ahead and give it to her, if she
needs it…I buy a lot from (Supplier/Designer).
8/19, 6:06pm

8/19, 6:07pm
I think purple turquoise or the the darker blue or if you want to
put it on a copper chain that is fine too. Ok you go and rest and
feel better I won’t be awake much longer couldn’t sleep last night
stay resting plenty of fluids so you don’t get dehydrated can you
tell I had children now they are 43 and 44
Thank God my daughter was a tough one sleep tight
I will get it now so no one else scoops it up
Jennifer Haworth
8/19, 6:08pm
Jennifer Haworth
I have a 35 yr old son….Okay…I will let you know once it gets
here…I will go ahead and order some leather anyway…so I have it
on hand..16.5″😉 GET SOME REST!!!!
8/19, 6:09pm
You too
Jennifer Haworth
8/20, 7:40am
Jennifer Haworth
While I have set my price at $40 for the weave, the more details
you add to it, such as beads and so forth, the price is going to go
up. For now, let me do the artistic work and you will like what I
do. I have ordered leather in colors you specified and some other
chain, so my expenses are already out there, to just make a beauty
for you….Just relax and let me do the rest.
8/20, 8:09am
Ok you are the artist not me do whatever you wish
Jennifer Haworth
8/24, 9:15pm
Jennifer Haworth
(PayPal Info) or I can invoice you….whichever is easier.
Jennifer Haworth
8/24, 9:20pm
Jennifer Haworth
If you do not like it, I will reimburse you for the cab and sell
it…Everyone else loves it…
8/24, 11:37pm
Is this it it is beautiful big love love it the wrap is perfect and I
noticed you have purple leather. Did y o u send me an invoice so I
can pay you?
Thank you so much I will make sure I tell everyone who wrapped
this beautiful piece of art
Jennifer Haworth
Jennifer Haworth
I need your paypal to invoice
Jennifer Haworth
Jennifer Haworth
Your Invoice for the custom made cabochon pendant has been
sent. I had your paypal address in my paypal file.
Jennifer Haworth
Jennifer Haworth
Payment is due immediately. Thank You for your business…


Part Four~ ETSY  Messages

While I was busy, creating a beauty for this customer, I had no idea that the agreement reached had changed. This was a habit with Gritty. I had no idea that I had an over abundance of messages on ETSY, a site that had nothing to do with this purchase or design request. I was busy creating and in record time, to please this person.

I finished and posted the pendant late that night and it was met with great praise. It was not until the next day, that I looked on ETSY and saw all the messages.

Gritty had changed her mind and decided, I was not going to design her work, the way she wanted it. In my head, once again, I felt betrayed, lied to and the roller coaster of her insanity ensued.

The Conversation:

(The first set of messages, which is unsolicited and bizarre, to say the least. I did not ask her for this or her analogy of any of my work. )


Sender: Gritty Date: 11 hours ago 10:18pm EDT
Message: Listing :

This whole wrap and pendant are beautiful the other ones you ha e
just done are pretty Utah not my style I loved the wrap on the
green one I mention a while ago.

2.Sender: Gritty Date: 11 hours ago 10:19pm EDT
Message: Listing :

This looks way too complicated for my taste

3.Sender: Gritty Date: 11 hours ago 10:21pm EDT
Message: Listing :

This is a beautiful wrap.and it has to be less complicated than the
ones you are doing now

Sender: Jennifer Haworth Date: 8 hours ago 12:37am EDT
Message: That is extremely complicated..time consuming.

4. Sender: Gritty Date: 11 hours ago 10:22pm EDT
Message: Listing :

This is pretty too

5. Sender: Gritty: Date: 11 hours ago 10:24pm EDT
Message: Listing :
Love this one too so I gave you several options please do it like
one of them simple not too busy and difficult for you to do
Thanks so much

6.Sender: Gritty: Date: 10 hours ago 10:37pm EDT
Message: Listing :

This wrap is very nice c e too

7. Sender: Gritty Date: 4 hours ago 4:48am EDT
Message: Listing :

I really love this one too it is girgeous

Jennifer Haworth
Jennifer Haworth
I feel that it is very important to address this note to me on my
ETSY account.

B.The next morning, I sent this message from my FB account.

Sender: Gritty: Date: 15 hours ago 10:15pm EDT
Message: If I am having this wrapped as a custom order from you
then I feel I have a say and tell you a wrap love. What if you spend
tons of time doing it and I don’t like it if you won’t work with me
on this then you can send the stone to me and charge me for the
What’s there to address I talked to a very well known artist and
she said I should say what I would like after all it was for me and
you don’t know what I like. You had to post on Facebook to make
me feel like an idiot I don’t think I did anything wrong obviously
you do so I guess this is where we part ways I won’t buy or ask you
to wrap anything else just not be a customer any more ok with you
I am sure
Jennifer Haworth
Jennifer Haworth
Gritty, I have plenty of customers. I did the pendant for way below
what I should have charged out of the kindness of my heart and
for the record. NO ONE would have put up with this and I have
been in the art industry for 40 years, published and a writer. I
doubt that you told your …so called “well known artist
acquaintance”, that you have messaged me over 75 times in the
past couple of months (saved) and that I bent over backwards
trying to make you happy, or that you insisted on something free,
when already had a free gift. Enjoy your purchase. I have been told
by numerous individuals that, this is a pattern with you….Have a
great life…


Part Five:

I assumed we were done. I have shipped off the pendant necklace, wrapped in tissue, secured in a box, tied with a ribbon, wrapped that box in bubble wrap and put it all in a bubble wrap envelope, doubled over, with fragile, handle with care stickers on it. She has paid and I am done. Or so, I thought.

I have blocked this individual, however did not fully ban on my FB business page. This morning I had a snide remark in messages on the FB business page. I took a snap shot of this and banned the person from contacting me. The message read:

Gritty: Not receiving messages, how childish

Time stamped: 1:24 AM


Part Six: The Conclusion or I can only Hope.  (This is the message I sent today 08/26/16)

I thought we were done and yet, I had to send this one final message in hopes, that she will seek out professional help for her mental instability.

Date:2 hours ago10:21am EDT

Message:Stay off my Facebook page, which you are now banned on. Stay off of my ETSY. I have fulfilled any obligation to you, considering your desire to have a custom wire woven pendant and fulfilled it far below actual cost.

Did you pay a fee for me to wrap up front? NO…Did we discuss this prior? YES. I do not work for you. I work for myself. I am not here to be constantly insulted by your attitude and what YOU feel YOU deserve. At best, I charge $60 to do a custom wrap and once again, gave you a good deal. Did you pay for the additional order of leather? NO. Did you have to pay shipping fees? NO. Until you sit down and work a weave and do the work yourself, you have no idea what so ever, goes into creating these pieces…Ironically, everyone else does. I have been more than kind to you and I have put up with all of these massive messages. I am not surviving off what you have paid and I am not here to take your abuse. I tried to just be the good person, who accepts that some people have issues, whether they are mental or physical. We are done.

The End….I can only hope. Otherwise, it is, to be continued and I hope it is not.










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